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random side note: i was talking to my husband on the phone tonite and we were going over money issues. i was talking about going back to work when i move to washington. i started doing mental calculations of how much i made when i was working, averages, etc. it was discovered that if i were to work full time(35-40 hours) like i used to, my income would surpass aaron's by a pretty decent amount. if i continue pulling in what i've always pulled in and i go to work 2 or 3 days a week, according to the averages, i'd easily bring home 1/3 of what he makes a month.

i've been a waitress for the last 5 years ...

a waitress ...

what is wrong with this picture?

not only that, but i'm sure if i did go back to work that i'd get insurance through my company like every other place that i've worked and it would be effective a lot faster than the navy insurance that i don't have right now. oh yeah, and i'd have the ability to tell a psycho hosebeast of a boss to kiss my ass and find another job within a matter of days.

something's not quite adding up here and i think it's all of those "the navy is the greatest job ever" comments. i can maybe see that if you go in single with nothing other than basic necessities and no emotional ties to anyone. but even then i personally can't see how becoming a sheep is appealing to anyone who enjoys following their own path in life.
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I love your icon.

And my husband, with all the extras for being married, still makes less than my sister. Who is a teacher. And everyone knows NYC public school teachers make next to nothing.

It's certainly not a career for anyone used to an upper middle class lifestyle.
thank you. i yoinked it from a friend and have a lot of reason to use it lately. i love your icon too, but probably because i wish i had one right about now.

i agree there. you get used to not freaking out everytime the bills are due. when i found out that some military members qualify for food stamps, i realised there was more wrong than i thought. i can't help but wonder how the people who say the pay is great live.
For every person that tells me that i will not be able to find a job outside the navy that has good pay, i just want to kick them in the face. I want to go work for the railroad driving trains. the benifits, retirement, and the pay are 20 times better than the military. my dad makes more money then the cheif of naval operations.
well yeah. a job like that is bound to pay a LOT more than the peanuts the navy is giving you. next time someone tells you that you won't find a job with good pay, hopefully they're in the navy. laugh in their face for me and in the most condescending voice you can muster, tell them that waitresses make more money.

and i think you're the first person i've ever heard say they want to drive trains for a living. that's one of those jobs that you see someone doing everyday but never really think about. good luck with that. i'm sure railroad companies won't be as incredibly anal retentive about letting you come home or keeping you out for way too long.


12 years ago

All those jackasses that say you can't make it on the "outside" haven't been there in so long that they have no fucking clue what they are talking about!!! I was self-employed before I came in and I did just fine. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. NOONE can tell YOU what is good for YOU. God I hate the fucking military!!!
haha, i was about to ask you what you were thinking, but if you don't remember, i'll refrain. you're right, though. most people i hear say "you can't make it on the outside" have been doing it for about 10 years. the freedom alone would probably shock them.

Re: HA!!!


January 14 2005, 11:58:59 UTC 13 years ago

I suppose we should just disband our military and let all the commies and Jap fuckers just take over? Or have some country gas us or bomb us? Its not about the money people, I do it for my children, and the feeling of doing my job far surpasses any "waitress" job. Go tell your trailer trash delusions to the kids dieing in Iraq, or the families of deployed solgers, and Airmen. Get a grip, and stop spreading your candy ass delusions around.
i usually don't respond to anything that obviously lacks thought. i also tend to avoid bitter posts with a rash of grammatical and spelling errors. however, i found this too delicious to pass up.

first of all, i wait tables for my child. it's not my fault that she is my daughter and, as a parent, i want her to have opportunities and nice things in life. i thoroughly enjoy my job and the immediate benefits of my pay are great. i've never been one to enjoy living paycheque to paycheque. having a real world job also means that i get to go to school whenever i want, wherever i want, and at my own pace. it also means i get to be there to watch my child learn and grow. that, in and of itself, is one of life's greatest rewards.

if you believe that i am delusional for feeling unhappy due to my husband's extended absences, then you appear to be quite an empty person. i know what he does when he's out and it pales in comparison to the importance of raising a family. all of the deployed people i have associated with agree and all have given the same advice. that advice being for my husband to serve his sentence and get out while he still has the time to enjoy most of his life on his own terms.

i have only heard trailer trash say things such as "all the commies and jap fuckers." then again, it is far from surprising to me as you are too afraid to openly speak your ill-formed mind. hiding behind an anonymous post makes you seem cowardly.

finally, i shall get around to the little things about your comment that bothered me the most. it is dying, not dieing. they are soldiers, not solgers.(just because it rhymes with folger's, doesn't mean it is spelled like it.) you also used quotation marks where none were needed.

does anyone else wish there was a red pen device for computers to correct errors?

Re: HA!!!


12 years ago

My husband is in the AF, tonight infact we looked over our taxes, and since i have been working for AAFES for pennies, that took away from our tax return money, infact for the amount i work at least 30% of it was cancelled out by taxes. Its nice extra money during the year but...at the time i hadnt realized i was working for even LESS, and so was he. However the girl i work with who is on SECTION 8, pays $100 for an apt, gets money for her son, got 3 TIMES the return we did. Go figure?? The big military pay raise didnt seem to help any. We did the math, hourly wage for my husband is about 6.50 hr with no overtime. Civillans doing his job get 38.50hr and overtime.
yeah, that is a little insane. typically, here in the midwest, i'm paid anywhere from $2.13-5.15 an hour as a server. the tips bump that up to anywhere from $15-30 an hour. it all depends how many hours i put in(rarely over 30), the type of restaurant and the location. there's more money in illinois(chicago) than there is just over the line in indiana, but it's still good.

your icon cracks me up.
Would you make more than your husband with housing allowance or the cost of base housing along with his regular pay?
technically, if i were to work full time at certain restaurants, yes. i've been out of work for a year now(pregnancy complications), but before that, i could easily average $15-30 an hour depending on the time of day i worked. dinners are usually better tip wise and ridiculous amounts of money can be made on just about any holiday and through the summer. even at full time status, i'd be working less than my husband is. if you figure it out hourly, like imsupahcool did above, he'd be better off waiting tables. there's another perk, too ... any asshats he may encounter will eventually leave ... he wouldn't have to live with them/see them all day, every day.
hey, can you make this post friend-only? thanks!
hi people. I started a community for spouses and friends of deployed men and women if anyone is interested... http://www.livejournal.com/community/usmilspouses/
see you there maybe!
Julie, I was browsing communities regarding military stuff and I came across your post. I agree with you...totally. I have a boyfriend that just joined the Navy two years ago and he is in school right now. Next year he plans on being deployed for God knows how long but I am really not liking it. Nor do I like the idea of him having to listen to someone bossing him around all the time. I am such an independent person that like what you said, I would definitely tell a pushy boss to kiss my ass if they got on my nerves. The Navy definitely is not the best job in the world. I don't think its fair that they take our loved ones away from us for such long periods of time. As if us civilians aren't human beings with real feelings too? Anyways, thats my input. Feel free to comment back, I am always willing to chat it up with a new LJ member :)