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The Military Sucks!

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This is a community for all those who have a beef with the military. They screw with our social lives, destroy our families, and don't pay us enough to make us forget about it.

Some General Rules
The LJ Cut is your friend! Excessively long posts MUST be cut!
Please do not use online abbreviations such as ur, 2, boi, kewt or anything else that is going to make us delete your posts!
No trolling, no flaming, and no Pro-Military posts.

The Survey:
Please fill this out when you join!
Association with the military:
Something Amusing About Yourself That We'd Never Think To Ask:


The membership for this community is moderated. Reasons you may get rejected include:
*It appears you have a sock puppet journal and may be a troll.
*Your journal reveals that you are a "right-wing nutjob" (for more information on right-wing nutjobs, please see JibJab).
*Your journal is friends-only and your user-info reveals nothing about you. In order to remedy this, please friend the moderator, drunkstuey.

This community is now a sister community of fukdagovernment