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i had the honour to finally hear from my husband today. the move paperwork is still backed up, waiting for signatures. i'm sorry, but it takes less than 2 seconds to sign something. i'm beginning to wonder if his chiefs are having to fill out a request chit and wait for it to be approved before they're allowed to sign anything. bah!

in between his hacking and sniffling from the flu he has, i got to totally make his day with "by the way, ari has her first tooth, she sat up alone yesterday for 2 minutes before falling over, she's said 'mama' & 'mommy' a couple of times, and she's had her second haircut." you would've thought i killed him.

i don't think i could possibly get any more frustrated or discouraged at this point.
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how long does he have left? and where is he stationed?
2 and 1/2 long years. his ship just moved from san diego to bremerton, washington. if he was still in sd, we wouldn't be having this problem, seeing as how my dad lives in socal, works in sd, and could've helped me househunt. if that ship would've just stayed put, i totally could've been there months ago. but now we're in some area we know nothing about, trying to rely on the navy's help/benefits. bah! if you want it done right, do it yourself.
the benifits suck, but there not all that bad. but i truly hate the fact that i have to rely on the just to servive. well that 2 1/2 years will go by quick. their was an roomer going around that my ship was going to go up to washington to go into dry dock. thank god thats not going to happen. im going on a 6 month deployment soon. i dont want to come back from west pac and sit in san diego and then head up to washington for the rest of my time in for like 10 to 11 months. to me that is way to much time away from my wife.
I am sure I don't have to remind all the Seamen here, but it is punishable by the UCMJ to talk about chief officials and officers in a derogatory way. Plus, you must remember, you signed the dotted line. You didn't read everything it said, no one does. It's to fucking long, you just signed it. And by doing that you agreed to put YOURSELF through everything you are complaining about. Your wives should know this. People die in Iraq everyday, and you are complaining that chiefs have other things to do? First of all, it probably hasn't reached the chief yet. Second, whoever sent off the paperwork for whatever, probably did not follow the correct procedures. Don't blame the military for what your husband, or wife, signed up for. It was there choice, blame THEM.