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random side note: i was talking to my husband on the phone tonite and we were going over money issues. i was talking about going back to work when i move to washington. i started doing mental calculations of how much i made when i was working, averages, etc. it was discovered that if i were to work full time(35-40 hours) like i used to, my income would surpass aaron's by a pretty decent amount. if i continue pulling in what i've always pulled in and i go to work 2 or 3 days a week, according to the averages, i'd easily bring home 1/3 of what he makes a month.

i've been a waitress for the last 5 years ...

a waitress ...

what is wrong with this picture?

not only that, but i'm sure if i did go back to work that i'd get insurance through my company like every other place that i've worked and it would be effective a lot faster than the navy insurance that i don't have right now. oh yeah, and i'd have the ability to tell a psycho hosebeast of a boss to kiss my ass and find another job within a matter of days.

something's not quite adding up here and i think it's all of those "the navy is the greatest job ever" comments. i can maybe see that if you go in single with nothing other than basic necessities and no emotional ties to anyone. but even then i personally can't see how becoming a sheep is appealing to anyone who enjoys following their own path in life.
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