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The Military Sucks!

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3/4/05 05:32 pm - bkmichele - Speak Your Mind...

...after you join...

Anti_Military is
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2/22/05 12:09 am - drunkstuey - Does anyone have problems with getting mail?

Im sitting here on the ship on my duty day, and i just come across some mail for me that was mailed out in May of 04. Does anyone else have this problem? I can see why it takes along time to get mail when your out to sea but come on were in port. there shouldn't be any excuse to is why it comes almost a year late while in port.

2/2/05 08:51 pm - julie_adams

i had the honour to finally hear from my husband today. the move paperwork is still backed up, waiting for signatures. i'm sorry, but it takes less than 2 seconds to sign something. i'm beginning to wonder if his chiefs are having to fill out a request chit and wait for it to be approved before they're allowed to sign anything. bah!

in between his hacking and sniffling from the flu he has, i got to totally make his day with "by the way, ari has her first tooth, she sat up alone yesterday for 2 minutes before falling over, she's said 'mama' & 'mommy' a couple of times, and she's had her second haircut." you would've thought i killed him.

i don't think i could possibly get any more frustrated or discouraged at this point.

1/20/05 03:26 am - julie_adams

it would appear that the only part of the ship that is slacking with the unloading, relocating, and running is, of course, personnel. not that we need any documents or anything ... right. i'll live with my husband eventually ... even if it takes his remaining time in to get that far. of course, the day he had the last of his personal belongings settled into the barracks, they told him to pack and get out. something about having a dependant and not being eligible to stay there, despite the fact that we're waiting on the housing and his dependant is 2,000 miles away. i don't get it. but then again, i haven't understood a single line of navy babble i've heard yet. you can't fault me for desiring logic, efficiency, and dealing with people who speak real world english.

meanwhile, back at the ranch, our little gurl is now starting to crawl and mimic mommy's incoherent mutterings and the people that surround me in my day to day life are driving further toward homicidal tendencies.

once again, my sanity is at the mercy of naval inefficiency. all i want to do is leave here and get there before i end up spending the rest of my life in the pen for 18 counts of first degree murder. not that it won't be tempting while in base housing, but at least aaron will be there to pry the sword/baseball bat/dirty diaper out of my hand ... provided it doesn't happen on a duty day.

and people can't imagine why i would ever get frustrated and cranky.

12/24/04 05:28 am - julie_adams

random side note: i was talking to my husband on the phone tonite and we were going over money issues. i was talking about going back to work when i move to washington. i started doing mental calculations of how much i made when i was working, averages, etc. it was discovered that if i were to work full time(35-40 hours) like i used to, my income would surpass aaron's by a pretty decent amount. if i continue pulling in what i've always pulled in and i go to work 2 or 3 days a week, according to the averages, i'd easily bring home 1/3 of what he makes a month.

i've been a waitress for the last 5 years ...

a waitress ...

what is wrong with this picture?

not only that, but i'm sure if i did go back to work that i'd get insurance through my company like every other place that i've worked and it would be effective a lot faster than the navy insurance that i don't have right now. oh yeah, and i'd have the ability to tell a psycho hosebeast of a boss to kiss my ass and find another job within a matter of days.

something's not quite adding up here and i think it's all of those "the navy is the greatest job ever" comments. i can maybe see that if you go in single with nothing other than basic necessities and no emotional ties to anyone. but even then i personally can't see how becoming a sheep is appealing to anyone who enjoys following their own path in life.

12/20/04 11:14 am - drunkstuey

reason not to stay in the navyCollapse )
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